Welcome to the official homepage of LaKoG Saxony; the National Conference of Equal Rights Representatives among Universities and Colleges in Saxony. Here, various information to the work, goals, organization and members of LaKoG Saxony is provided.

The national conference is the compilation of all equal rights representatives among universities and colleges in Saxony. The LaKoG Saxony continuously campaigns for equality and represents such policies not only in the Saxon State Government's political dealings, but also within the National Conference of Equal Rights Representatives Among Colleges (BuKoF)

Currently, the leading board committee is comprised of three speakers; Karla Kebsch, Dr. Ramona Kusche and Elisabeth Sasso-Fruth, who represent the respective categories of higher education institutes in Saxony: universities, universities of applied science (Fachhochschule), and universities of the fine arts (Kunsthochschule).  The management and implementation of these policies lay in the hands of the equal rights representatives at TU Chemnitz.

The national conference speakers also work in extended board committees and BuKoF commissions as well. The national conference convenes once or twice a year.

Since 2009, Saxony's equal rights representatives have been assembling alongside the omen's and equal rights representatives of  Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, and as of 2014 with Brandenburg.

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